A career in a global industry


We are currently looking for companies to take part in the maritime trainee programme for Group 11. The plan is that a new group will have a kick-off in late spring 2018. Please follow us on facebook for more information or contact us in the contact-field for specific questions.

If you are about to finish your master's degree in business, finance, economics, IT, engineering, naval architect, industrial economics, or maritime law? And would you like to work in the world's most global industry? Where Norway has been one of the key players for more than a century?

Then welcome to Maritime Trainee!

On behalf of the Norwegian maritime industry, the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association (Norges Rederiforbund, or NSA) launched this two-year management trainee programme in August 2005. Since then, Maritime Trainee has involved some 40 companies in the Norwegian maritime industry as a whole; shipowners, shipyards and maritime equipment companies, rig companies, classification companies, law firms, banks and shipbrokers, all of whom do business globally. Since its start in 2005 more than 200 trainees have taken part in the program and are now port of the Alumni network.