The programme

Maritime Trainee is a management trainee programme for recent graduates with a master’s degree in economics, technology or maritime law, or candidates with an equivalent master’s degree from Norway or any other country. Maritime Trainee is a two-year programme. The programme is a combination of a job in your company, 4–6 months of working abroad and an academic programme of 36 days spread over six modules in Norway, Singapore and London.

Throughout the trainee period you are employed with one company. As a trainee you will be part of daily operations of this company, and will gain knowledge about its total operations worldwide. It also includes a working place in the main office, subsidiary or in the office of a cooperating partner abroad. All trainees will spend six months abroad.

Every company appoints a mentor for their trainee. This will be an experienced senior person who knows the company and the industry well. Among the responsibilities of the mentor is to overlook the trainee’s professional development in the company.

The academic modules serve several purposes. The most important one is building relevant competence through lectures, group work and company presentations. In addition they serve as a meeting place for exchange of experience as well as a social arena for networking. Altogether this will give a broad overview of the various entities in the maritime industry.