FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains a lot of useful information. Please read through before starting the application process.

How do I apply?

You register your CV profile and fill in education with achieved average grades, experience and other relevant information. When your CV profile is completely filled in you can apply for a position by writing in application text and choosing an option “apply here”. You can paste an application text from a document to the application field. When your application is being sent you get an immediate confirmation on your screen that we got it. After that you get a confirmation to your e-mail.

I am asked to provide my average grades, however I have not received my diploma yet. What do I do?

Specify the average grade of grades you have already got during your studies so far. Attention! Remember grades both from secondary school and high school/university.

My grades are a combination of numbers and letters. What do I do?

Specify an average grade both in numbers AND letters (for e.g. 2.6 / B).

I have not yet obtained a master’s degree. I am in the middle of my studies. Would it be possible to apply for this program later?

Yes. It means that you have to complete your master studies within this time.

I have not yet obtained a master’s degree. I am in the middle of my studies. Would it be possible to apply for this program later?

Yes. Maritime Trainee will be conducted annually starting in August each year.

I am not a recent graduate – I have several years working experience. Can I apply for the program anyway?

You will not be a relevant candidate for the trainee program if you have more than two years working experience after studies. Feel free to check out the websites of our participating companies for other job possibilities.

My educational background is slightly different from what listed companies prefer as relevant competence, but I do think that my personal characteristics qualifiy me for this program. What do I do?

It is important to meet qualification requirements to be considered as a candidate for Maritime Trainee.

A combination of my studies is quite untraditional and I wonder if that would be relevant for Maritime Trainee.

Different companies require different background/competence. Carefully read description of a position and look if there is something that matches your background.

Where do I enter the text that describes my motivation to be a trainee?

The information is registered under the field “Keywords/additional information” in the CV registration.

Is it possible to change the CV after the deadline for application?

Unfortunately changes made after the submission deadline won’t be taken into consideration.

How can I edit text in the application?

We are sorry, but due to technical reasons it is not possible to change the application text after it has been submitted. The text in the CV, however, can still be changed until the deadline. Send us an e-mail if you have something important and relevant to add to your application.

Is it necessary to fill in all fields in your CV database?

Yes! We recommend you to fill in your CV as detailed as possible. We expect a high number of applicants and the information you provide will be the one we will consider in the selection process. This is the first step for us to get to know you. Remember average grades (both from secondary school and high school/university). Do what you can to make sure that we put your in the right pile.

When can I expect to hear from you whether I am an interesting candidate or not?

We start the evaluation of all candidates after the deadline. We aim to provide a feedback of status for everyone during March. All candidates will get a feedback by post.

I registered my CV and sent an application, but didn’t hear anything from you. What is happening?

Check if your e-mail address is correct! All communication is made through e-mail. We can’t reach you if you entered a wrong e-mail. Check as well if your e-mail box is full.

Some companies have English job descriptions. In what language should I register my CV and write application?

Register your CV in Norwegian. Write your application/motivation letter in English. Alternatively you can upload your English CV as an attachment.

Is it possible to send a CV as a Word document instead of inserting all details to the recruiting portal?

No. Due to high demand all inquiries/applications to the trainee program must be sent through the recruiting portal. Register as thoroughly as possible. Remember average grades (both from secondary school and high school/university).

When and where will job interviews take place, if I get that far?

The assessment days will take place in Oslo area in March. If you are based abroad, we will find a solution.

I forgot my username/password.

Go to the CV login page. Click the button “Forgot user-ID/password”. In the top field enter the e-mail address you registered with the first time you registered in our pages. You will then get information to your e-mail address.

I experience technical problems while applying/registering my CV. The menu options/buttons don’t work. I can’t navigate in the website.

Check if you use the latest version of available browser.

What is the salary for a trainee?

You get a salary as a trainee. The salary will be the same as for other recent graduates in your category. As Maritime Trainee additionally you get unique competence, experience and a fantastic network.